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To Love

One who is honest but often careless with words.
Also, an overly attached person.
Ashley. 22. Melbourne, Australia.

Where’s Mr right?

To be honest, I have been avoiding this for the past seven months. Ultimately, I have build enough courage to be where am I today and to able to express it in words. Here it goes, me and L have finally call it quits. We were already having problems since the start of the year. It took me a lot of crying to realised it is never gonna be the same. He has been an amazing chapter of my life. I wouldnt go further into detail about how and why cause it wouldnt be fair for him. What’s important is, I have learnt so much in this relationship. To be more tolerant. To be more rational. To love more. 

As much as I know I am in fact a very pigheaded person. I have yet to find away to control it. I may be a demanding person, but only because I feel comfortable enough with you to do so. I am not sure what person I was back then, but today, I am gonna say I am a less irrational person. I still am the person who will never stop searching for the right person to love. No matter how many times I fall, I promise I won’t give up on love.

Just make sure before you tell me how you feel, you need to be sure of it. If you can’t make me a happier person then dont bother really. I don’t wanna waste another minute wondering about someone who is unworthy my time and effort. 

Words can be deadly but sometimes it can be beautiful

It will either bring two person closer or drive them away. In my case, I would still be hopeful that it is too early to decide. But let’s be realistic, he is never gonna come around. On the bright side, I have never been so honest about my feelings to anyone. Let alone to someone who is the reason behind all this misery. Nothing cant be changed, I have already given my best and said everything. If it is not enough to convince you to stay then, so be it. We are better off without each other then. I am not angry at you at all. I’m more angry at how the situation are right now.

Soon, I will be able to spend the day not wondering about you. I see myself a stronger person than this. I just needed more time. You have been such an amazing memory to me this year. It’s a little too soon to end but I am grateful for all. What we had was real and it wasn’t a fantasy I created myself. It is safe to say that the time isn’t right for us?

Our hearts are too big, and our brains are too foolish to notice. Let’s just be kind to one another. 🙈 #selfie #rants

My baby is back 🙈 @phoebe_ng1 #love #girlfriend #whatt (at Hopetoun Tea Rooms)

If you treat others well and give each day your best, things start to work in your favor. #whatt #selfie #momdonotapprovedof #haha

Take out

I have been eating take outs or eat out for the past few months. Which explains how unhealthy I have been considering the fact that I am also constantly out late, sometimes drinking or just clubbing. The fact that I’ll be moving out to a new place soon doesn’t help. It will prolly go worst.

Let’s just be a little positive and I’ll prolly or maybe be more motivated by my future housemates whoever they are, about eating healthy.